We are designing the future together using our knowledge across our business partners composed of people highly competent in their specific areas.

References non-exhaustive

Non-exhaustive by the fact that Python Design Studio is at the centre of multiple research and development of future products, and the confidentiality of our business partners is crucial.

We have business partners in diverse industries like:
Hight watchmaking, luxury goods, Medical design, Hi-end technology and premium devices.

Throughout the last 20 years of experience, we had a chance to work with great people and enrich our portfolio with exciting projects working for numerous companies like ABB, Aston Martin Gaydon UK, Bvlgari Group, Daniel Roth, Dräger Medical, EPFL, ETH, Gerald Genta, Giroflex, Hermès Paris, Jaeger-LeCoutre, Hysek, Kove Medical, Omega, Richmont Group, Swatch Group, Universitatsspital Zurich "USZ", Ventura Design, Wenger Knife and more...