From Luxury and Artistic Areas to High Technologies. 
Python Design transforms great ideas into stunning products that embark on your brand's DNA

Product design 

Designing the future

First, we love beautiful and functional products with a well-thought-out concept. We are convinced that a great product's essence is its concept's clarity. This will quickly lead the marketing, the communication and the end customer. 

Our expression is more than a 2D drawing. It is a multi-sensory context. We are touching materials, listening, reading, experiencing, discovering new technology, materials, know-how and more to keep learning and growing our network with unique patterns.

 From the pencil, SubD and the Nurbs to the first product. We can provide you with full product design services. From the first sketches and concepts, 2D rendering, hi-end 3D modelling, 3D Rendering, mockups and prototyping until accompanying you to the first product.


key of progressing

We are passionate about products and obsessed with learning « the why it is like that?! » from the outside to the inside of the product to understand how it is made and how we can improve it. 

We can learn from the current product and how to improve it. That’s why we created in 2018 an utterly novatif system of product analysis. 

Our method involves mapping and measuring over 120 control points connected to different product details. We integrate it into an overall context and link versus its competitors. All to optimise and evolve the product.


DNA of your future

We are enthusiastic about products, of course, and even more about products with a beautiful story. 
How can we create the future without a story? 
That’s why storytelling and history are crucial for the brand to connect people to the product themselves. For designing and to help with your art direction, we work mainly on these five chapters, first by analysing them to be able to push their boundaries and create a better future for your brand.